The collective

David Larivière   Co-founder

David Larivière


William Laliberté   Co-founder

William Laliberté


William Grou   Co-founder

William Grou


Hugo Beaupré   Videographer and photographer

Hugo Beaupré

Videographer and photographer

PLAYDAYS   Sound designers


Sound designers

Felix Langlois-Gauvin   Graphic designer

Felix Langlois-Gauvin

Graphic designer


Our manifesto

Our goal is to never be the pale copy of a competitor. We are the result of our wildest ideas and are here to stay. We thrive to create uniqueness and surround ourselves with bright minds. We are different, we are us.


Our values



At Willow & Hive, we are passionate about people and their experiences. We believe strongly in the potential of each individual and we work hard to bring these diverse talents into a complete and rigorous work.

  Whether internally or with our clients, we value communication and teamwork first and foremost!


What would a marketing agency be without a little creativity? A bit like a hardware store without any tools! We believe that every company deserves a personalized marketing approach and that the only way to truly stand out is through the creativity conveyed by our unique ideas. We like to try new things and offer a step-by-step approach that will help you impress your fans.


Our satisfaction lies in yours! Thus, with you as quality manager and central opinion, we are able to build a strategy that meets your needs and execute it according to your requests and preferences.

We believe that it is as much to our advantage as to yours to deliver a job far beyond expectations.


Younger we wanted to be hockey players. Now, we want to offer Quebec PMEs tailor-made digital marketing services. Our passion is to bring your business to the next step.

We will give all the necessary efforts, a little like a youngster who aspires to the national league!